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We offer an efficient, effective vehicle tracking system for managing your vehicle fleet. Experience better software features that make your business smarter..

Our Solutions

Our objective is to provide low-cost, accurate, real time and adaptive for various business applications.

Fleet Monitoring and Control

GPS fleet management and vehicle tracking systems give you unprecedented insight on how your fleet is performing and works to suggest cost-saving improvements.

Two Wheeler Security System

Our GPS bike tracking solution tracks real-time location and movement of the bike, even from the smartphone app, at affordable price.

Educational Institutions

We Have Developed A Unique Algorithm Which Gives The Correct Route To Be Followed In Order To Increase Efficiency And Reduce Time.

Cold Storage & Reefer Trucks

Temperature Monitoring allows you to monitor the temperature in cold storage vehicle. You can set alert on temperature drops or rise.

Fuel Monitoring

Fuel theft, visual graphs and level detection with respective alerts can help in getting better insight on fuel management or fuel theft with Traxroot Fleet Management solution.

Video Telematics

LLPL captures high resolution video and audio inside out around the bus to ensure that all events are captured and transferred instantly for review.

Waste Management

Our Waste Management GPS Vehicle Tracking System is providing entire solution for fleet owners providing Waste collection & disposal services.

High-Value Asset Tracking

With GPS asset and heavy equipment monitoring, you get the reassurance of knowing exactly where your assets are at all times.

Our Works

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Our features

Fleet Management Platform catering to all your business needs

Graphical Dashboard

User-friendly Graphical Dashboard, vehicle tracking and fleet tracking has never been easier!


An alert sent out every time a vehicle enters of exits a Geofence, increasing operational efficiency and elevated safety and security levels.

Route Optimization

Easily navigate to multiple destinations and ensure on-time deliveries.


From aquisition to disposal, understand the true cost of running your fleet.


Stay updated by tracking orders with customized alerts and resolve issues proactively.

Driver Management

Real-time driver activity monitoring to maximize performance, reward drivers with good driving skills and minimize risk


Stay ahead of all the chaos caused by your fleet. Maintain costs, service & parts.


Track your vehicles based on when and where daily fleet activities take place.

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